8 Direct to Consumer PPC Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

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    Do you know that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising increases brand awareness by 80%? In direct to consumer marketing, relying on organic growth seems like a strategy that less innovative companies use. However, there’s no need to rely on slower methods of building your reputation when you can ‘buy’ your way into the search engine results.

    Brands that have chosen PPC as their go-to marketing approach redirect 65% of web visitors, while organic advertising converts less than 35%. As you continue to enjoy PPC marketing, it’s critical to understand that this area is dynamic and prone to changes. Understanding the following PPC trends will keep your business competitive in 2022.

    1. PPC Automation

    PPC automation is quickly catching up with the world of marketing and will soon become a common undertaking in pay-per-click ads. In addition, the global automation industry is rapidly expanding, so marketers have no other option other than to incorporate the new changes in their operations.

    Generally, PPC automation will not be a new trend in 2022. Instead, marketers will only be taking this process to new heights to enhance their business growth. In most cases, PPC automation will establish the best ads, identify losing ads, and establish the best Call To Action.

    2. The Tik Tok Boom

    The success of pay-per-click depends on the popularity of social media platforms. Currently, Facebook and Instagram are the leading social giants, which means all marketers are using their PPC ads on these platforms. Twitter remains close third, but it has never been a powerful marketing platform to arouse the interests of the leading marketing directors.

    However, Tik Tok seems to be the new trend in town. With more than 700 million active users, Tik Tok is a game-changer in PPC advertising. The short video posting platform has been a hit in 2021 and will continue to grow in 2022. As a result, every marketing director looking to increase brand awareness will post PPC ads on this platform.

    3. PPC Marketing Diversification

    Gone are the years when you relied on one platform to attract web visitors. 2022 is calling for more industrial diversification for marketers who want to remain relevant. Unfortunately, Google’s latest policy changes deny marketers some crucial information, thereby restricting their ability to push various ads.

    You cannot continue to create awareness through a platform that restricts your marketing effectiveness and prospects. So, moving to other search engines is now a real option. For example, as a PPC marketer, incorporating Microsoft Ads into your campaign can increase your brand’s awareness, not being the case if you stick to Google Ads.

    4. PPC and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Every form of technology will undergo some significant changes through artificial intelligence. For example, in 2021, marketers incorporated AI to better their ads and convert traffic into buying customers.  

    Certainly, in 2022, artificial intelligence will change the nature of PPC campaigns. Experts have already highlighted some of the critical ways PPC marketing will change after the complete introduction of AI. Some of these changes are listed below.

    • Help Predict the Click-Through Rate for Future Ads
    • Help Analyze the PPC Ads Likely to Record Maximum Traffic
    • Help in Optimization of Keywords in PPC Campaigns
    • Use in Analyzing the Performance of Various PPC Ads

    5. Adopting Mobile-Friendly Options

    The population of smartphone users will grow beyond 6 billion in 2022. As you can see, those who will be tailoring their marketing ads to mobile-friendly options will be increasing their target audience. Keeping in touch with other forms of marketing is essential, but it is critical to know where the industry is heading.

    Additionally, data shows that 70% of paid search impressions are recorded on mobile platforms. This figure is likely to increase as more people access the internet using mobile devices. Therefore, you need to tailor your 2022 PPC campaigns to mobile-friendly options to remain relevant.

    6. Voice Search in PPC Ads

    Current statistics highlight that 50% of buyers will turn to voice shopping in 2022. Therefore, if you’ve not incorporated voice search in your pay-per-click ads, you’ll be missing 50% of your target audience. Your marketing campaigns cannot be sustainable when you miss a significant share of potential customers.

    Here are some basic details that can help you incorporate voice search pay-per-click ads in your campaigns.

    • Consumers will Apply Natural Language when using Voice Search
    • Voice Search is Mostly Available on Mobile Devices
    • Voice Search Inquiries Begin with query-oriented keywords

    7. Focusing On Virtual Reality

    As a marketer, you’re operating in the realm of evolving technology. Therefore, you should be cognizant of the emerging innovations that will affect your marketing strategies. Currently, virtual reality is becoming a common trend that can change how marketers operate.

    In 2022, more people will spend additional time on virtual reality than in past years. The increased time spent on virtual reality creates new PPC ads frontiers. Therefore, you should develop options where virtual reality users can try your products in virtual space before buying. The new virtual reality sampling technique is already practiced by some leading brands worldwide.

    8. Smart TV and PPC Campaigns

    Smart TV is quickly finding its way in various homes. It has already become one of the best platforms for watching YouTube videos. By 2024, an estimated 260.5 million users will watch YouTube, Hulu, or another streaming platform on the TV, making it one of the best grounds for PPC ads.

    Current trends illustrate that ConnectedTV will continue to gather significant momentum in 2022 and beyond. DSP’s like MNTN have also made significant strides in conversion tracking, allowing direct to consumer brands the ability to track ad viewers through to conversion events.

    How ATTN Agency Can Help

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