Best Shopify Tech Stack to Upscale Your E-Commerce Brand

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    A well-functioning e-commerce platform is essential to the success of any online business. Having a platform that can handle your traffic and scale your growth is critical. 

    Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the market, and for a good reason. It’s reliable, user-friendly, and has a ton of features that can help take your business to the next level.

    However, as your business grows, you may find that you need to upgrade your Shopify tech stack to take advantage of more advanced features and optimize your sales performance.

    This guide explores nine different Shopify tech stack upgrades that can help you take your e-commerce brand to the next level. Whether you’re looking for faster loading times or more robust security, these tools will help you get the most out of Shopify.

    Essential Shopify Tools for Your E-commerce Store

    The Shopify app ecosystem is home to thousands of different apps and tools that you can use to launch, grow, and optimize your e-commerce store and boost its performance. However, with such an extensive library of tools, it can be tough to know which ones you should use. Fret not! Here is a roundup of nine important Shopify tools for your e-commerce store:


    Consistent communication with customers is one of the most critical parts of building a successful e-commerce business. Klaviyo helps you deliver highly targeted and personalized messages to your customers through email and other channels. 

    With this tool, you can segment your existing customer base into different groups and send personalized messages based on behaviors, interests, or shopping history. 

    You can also use this tool to trigger notifications such as back-in-stock alerts or promotions to your customers based on their behavior or previous purchases. With 68% of millennials having bought products and services due to promotional emails, you can count on Klaviyo to help you connect with your audience and maximize conversions.


    Coupling an SMS strategy with your email strategy is an excellent way to reach your past customers to increase your retention and customer lifetime value. Attentive has built the most comprehensive text message marketing solution, driving an average of 20.5% of total online revenue for modern e-commerce brands.

    Incorporating SMS and MMS into your marketing strategy should be well thought out. Attentive has built their solution to help brands manage conversations with their customers, and integrated tools to synch with Klaviyo so you can create custom audiences to tailor messaging.

    SEO Manager

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful marketing channels you have at your disposal, allowing you to improve brand visibility and generate more organic traffic. However, SEO isn’t just about ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

    With the right SEO strategy, you can boost your organic traffic and increase your conversion rate. SEO Manager is a powerful tool that helps you manage and optimize your search engine rankings for target keywords and collect valuable performance data on your website’s SEO. With SEO Manager, you can:

    • Create custom meta tags
    • Get feedback on categories performing worldwide
    • Create keywords and descriptions
    • Create interesting titles

    SEO Manager also scans and manages 404 errors on your site to ensure that you’re not losing out on valuable traffic. This tool is an absolute must if you want to increase conversions with your SEO strategy. 


    In a world where what we buy is mostly influenced by people we admire, you can’t afford to ignore influencer marketing. Refersion is a Shopify tech stack app that simplifies and streamlines your influencer and referral marketing campaigns. It lets you create and launch customized affiliate, referral, or influencer programs that fit your business goals. With Refersion, you can

    • Build an affiliate program
    • Create referral codes for your campaign
    • Facilitate influencer marketing
    • Track commissions and ROI of your campaign
    • View clicks and conversions in real-time alongside other metrics

    Once you approve an affiliate, you can easily create a referral or discount code with your brand’s domain or product page URL. Your affiliates will check the marketplace to check available product recommendations and commission rates.


    User-generated content (UGC) is crucial in promoting your brand. Pixlee is a leading UGC and influencer platform that enables your business to discover, connect and engage with influencers on social media. This platform provides compelling content for bloggers and brands to grow their audiences.

    Pixlee is a great tool to facilitate your influencer marketing campaigns by facilitating content creation, from the discovery to the execution stage. Pixlee features the following:

    • Conversion tracking
    • Social media management
    • Campaign management
    • Distribution management
    • Multi-Channel publishing
    • Publish scheduling
    • Brand management
    • Categorization / Grouping

    With one central platform to manage your influencer campaigns, Pixlee makes it possible for you to track and optimize your campaigns. This saves you time and efforts that you can utilize to grow your business.


    Customer loyalty and retention are vital for growing your e-commerce business. Talkable is a loyalty solution and referral program software for e-commerce brands to acquire high-value clients at affordable prices, increase customer retention, and boost revenue through targeted loyalty and referral programs.

    The Talkable platform offers a complete set of analytics tools to track your referral programs in real-time. Its features include:

    • Customer portal
    • Multi-campaign management
    • Customizable reporting
    • Subscription management

    With Talkable, you can create campaigns using built-in templates and add elements like call-to-action widgets, floating coupon codes, and post-purchase overlay. This platform lets you track and manage all the processes of a referral campaign in one place so that you can scale your growth faster.


    Wondering how best to engage your customers and collect email addresses and valuable zero-party customer data to fuel your marketing campaigns? Octane AI can help you with that. Ideally, this Shopify app collects answers from potential buyers in the form of fun quizzes and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

    Additionally, Octane AI does the following tasks:

    • Reminds customers about abandoned carts
    • Announces new promotions
    • Shows the delivery status
    • Provides order confirmation data

    Octane AI works best with emails, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. The highlight is that you can personalize messages to build trust with your customers. If you want to improve your buyers’ shopping experience immensely, don’t hesitate to try out Octane AI.

    Lucky Orange

    Sometimes, you might do things right for your website and not record any conversions. Fortunately, you can leverage Lucky Orange to assess why your site visits aren’t translating to sales. Once you know the root cause of such issues, you can optimize and customize your site using Lucky Orange.

    Some notable features of Lucky Orange include:

    • Live chat
    • Form analytics
    • Surveys and polls
    • Email reports
    • Real-time dashboard
    • Conversion funnels

    You can also use Lucky Orange to navigate your ecommerce website and track consumer behavior on it. The tool captures data in real-time and gives you the scope to engage your customers and boost conversion rates.


    Customer support is essential if you want to retain customers and generate more conversions. And with 82% of website visitors likely to buy a product or service after live chatting with a brand, there’s no way you can bypass this Shopify app. So, what does Gorgias do? As the best Shopify tech stack for eCommerce brands, Gorgias enables you to communicate effectively with your buyers. You can reach your customers through channels, such as:

    • Phone
    • Website chatbox
    • Email
    • Social media

    Gorgias is vital to ensure you offer prompt service to your website visitors and respond to their queries. It allows you to centralize customer tickets, prioritize tickets in terms of urgency and topic, and helps reduce response time resulting in overall customer satisfaction.


    Ratings and reviews are utterly crucial for your eCommerce brand. Essentially, visitors can convert to customers due to social proof in the form of rave reviews and testimonials. Yotpo enables your business to collect user-generated content and display it via:

    • Your website
    • Email campaigns
    • Digital ads
    • Social media platforms

    You can also use the negative feedback to improve your products and services. Besides that, Yotpo is vital for personalized SMS marketing and referral programs. It also promotes brand awareness and discovery through advertisement.


    Tracking profits is a fun thing to do when you have the right tool. The good news is you can utilize Shopify’s BeProfit to understand your expenses and returns clearly. BeProfit integrates with:

    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • TikTok Ads
    • Pinterest Ads
    • Snapchat Ads

    Typically, BeProfit tracks shipping costs, production charges, processing fees, and advertisement expenses. From the data, you get to know if your company is performing well or not. BeProfit comes with intuitive charts and tables that are seamless to use.


    Do you want to generate more revenue for your business? The PushOwl tool features automated push notifications that pop up on your website and customers’ phones. These messages provide alerts on the following:

    • Promotions
    • Price changes
    • Orders
    • Abandoned carts
    • Back-in-stock products

    PushOwl offers notifications with various images and product details. Also, your customers can receive texts in their preferred languages. You can add a buyer’s name to the message to better connect with them.

    This app is crucial if you want to convert visitors to potential buyers. You can also track the performance of your web push campaign using this tool. 

    Final Thoughts

    Your store needs an array of apps to have the edge over other ambitious online businesses. Take advantage of the best Shopify tech stack for eCommerce brands we’ve discussed above. The best part is that these tools encompass all aspects of your company, such as social media marketing, emails, and SMS marketing. 

    If you need any help, get in touch with us at ATTN Agency, where we focus on e-commerce acquisition strategy PPC, social media ads, SMS marketing, and email marketing.

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