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Born X Raised was founded in 2011 by Chris “Spanto” to honor the Los Angeles era of the 90’s. Spanto and his creative partner Alex “2Tone”  started the brand to have a platform for self-expression and authentic stories.

Born X Raised makes clothing as a reflection of the creator’s own lives. The brand wants to show something about LA that goes beyond the glamorous Hollywood facade or the Instagram influencer-littered streets of Venice Beach.

Born X Raised boasts collaborations with Converse, 424, Carhartt, Lakers, Dodgers, Retrosuperfuture, and more. Also, their clothing is not only inspired by Venice and the Streets of Los Angeles, but it is also completely manufactured in Los Angeles.

Amplifying Brand Voice

Born X Raised began working with ATTN Agency to help leverage their organic social reach to expand into new audiences while maintaining their authenticity.

Using past purchaser information and Facebook’s pixel data, ATTN was able to quickly create lookalike audiences to begin prospecting new audiences based on similar social indicators and demographics. By creating and layering high intent lookalike audiences, ATTN was able to drive immediate conversions and begin discovering new audiences to expand prospecting and scale ad spend.

ATTN Agency also restructured Born X Raised email marketing platform to increase open rates, improve email deliverability, build retention, and drive conversions.


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