Zeno Gym Scales to Six Figures per Month in Revenue in 30 Days

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Zeno Gym was started at the start of 2020 to provide premium at-home fitness products direct to consumers.

Starting with the successful launch of its bench press, Zeno Gym quickly expanded its products to include a squat board, a GHD bench, resistance bands, and additional accessories.

From Start Up to Overnight Success

ATTN Agency launched Zeno Gym to prospecting audiences using dynamic ads, broad audiences, and strict retargeting definitions to maximize results on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. ATTN also leveraged Klaviyo for its email marketing efforts to remarket to prospects using browse abandonment, and cart abandonment workflows, alongside deep segmentation on campaigns to prevent high unsubscribe rates. By using Google Search and Google Shopping ATTN Agency targeted high-intent prospective buyers searching for product specific search terms.

Within the first thirty days, ATTN Agency drove Zeno Gym from $0 to nearly $500,000 per month in revenue at a 4.62x average return on ad spend (ROAS).


Prospecting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Retargeting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


LTV Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Getting Results Our Clients Love

We love working with our clients, and they love working with us.

"Their commitment to our campaigns has been consistent since we began working together."

Jamie Wardlow
VP Marketing, Hylete

"The team at ATTN Agency understands the tone of our brand."

Ryan Mark
Cofounder, Alday Denim

"They’re extremely responsible and responsive."

Will Torrez
CEO, Zeno Gym

"I appreciate their ability to answer questions quickly and clearly for people without a technical background."

Danny Stein
CFO & Co-Owner, Cinema Secrets

"Having multiple people in communication with me helps so much!"

Katie Austin
Owner, Katie Austin Fitness

"The way the agency team members work together and strategize with one another on a variety of projects is impressive."

Westin Mitchell
Founder, Woo More Play


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