How to Add Links to Instagram Stories with Swipe-up

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    With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is now one of the most coveted platforms for marketers. The platform features a myriad of professional videos, photos, and Stories that attracts and hooks the audience like a magnet. But taking your business to Instagram is only half the journey. If you are looking to achieve more out of your Instagram marketing strategy, leverage the Swipe Up feature to get more clicks and conversions out of your Stories.

    What are Instagram stories swipe up?

    Instagram’s Swipe Up feature is a critical tool that allows you to promote products, sign up pages, and blog posts using Links that link directly to your website. 

    When you add a Swipe Up link to a story, users can swipe up on the Story or tap the arrow appearing at the bottom of their screen to access the link to your website. This feature makes it easy for your followers and potential customers to access what you are offering and make purchases. Instagram Story link helps you to:

    • Promote blog posts
    • Promote products
    • Promote virtual events
    • Promote landing pages
    • Promote videos
    • Promote lead magnets

    Is Instagram Swipe Up feature available for everyone?

    Unfortunately, not all accounts access the Swipe Up feature. Instagram has set restrictions on the accounts that can use the feature to make their Stories accessible to a broader audience. There are some conditions that your account should meet before you get the Instagram Swipe up feature. These include:

    Must be Verified account – Your account should be a verified account. If it is unverified, it must meet the following alternative conditions:

    • Your account should be an Instagram business profile.
    • The account should have over 10,000 followers.

     The Swipe Up link icon will automatically appear at the top of the Stories Editor after meeting the criteria outlined above. To add a link to your Story you need to tap on the icon to access the right window.

    Steps To Add Links to Instagram Stories Using Swipe Up Feature

    Step 1: Take a photo or video for your Story

    The first step is to make a stunning video or photo for your Story that your followers will like. The easiest way to create an Instagram Story is by using an Instagram Story camera. Swipe left from your Instagram home feed to open the camera. Take a new photo or swipe up to access your photo gallery. Use cool effects, Story stickers, and gifs to polish up your Story. 

    Step 2: Tap the link icon.

    Once you have selected the image, tap the hyperlink icon at the top that looks like a chain. If you are unverified or your followers are less than 10,000, you won’t access a regular link icon. But ideally, you can still add links to IGV videos. Besides, if you have Facebook+ Instagram Shops, you can add Shoppable Instagram story links.

    Step 3: Add your URL

    Once you click on the link icon in step 2, you are automatically prompted to add your preferred link that you want to share in your Story. The link can lead followers to your landing page, website home page, or it can be a call to action (CTA). Ideally, it is also possible to tag your partners to view metrics on branded content you are collaborating on. It is essential to click on the preview button to check if the link works before publishing.

    Step  4: Share with followers

    Once the Swipe Up feature is in place, the next step is to share your Story with your followers. You tap on the Send to Stories icon to enable your followers to see an arrow and a “See More” icon that appears at the bottom of the Story. Typically, Instagram Stories last for only 24 hours. If this duration is not adequate for your marketing efforts, consider saving your linked post to your “Story Highlights.”

    How to benefit out of your Instagram story links 

    Your job is not over once you add a URL to a story. There are essential things to do to maximize the performance of your Swipe Up feature. These include:

    Add a CTA

    To get more engagements on your post, make sure you have included a suitable call to action on the Instagram Story. Words such as “swipe up” will make the link more noticeable and draw the users’ interest and curiosity. You can also use arrows that point to the Swipe Up feature to encourage the viewers to check out the link. CTAs are useful tools to catch the viewer’s attention and redirect them to the webpage you have linked.

    Track analysis

    It is essential to know the performance of your stories at a given time. Instagram insights feature allows you to view crucial statistics for all the story posts of the last 14 days. Some of the crucial metrics to measure are : 

    • Interactions- this helps you determine the number of viewers that took action from your Story by replying or vising your profile.
    • Reach- this metric helps you determine the general number of viewers who saw the Story.
    • Exit- this metric helps you to know the number of users who did not stick for long to view the entire Story. These are the users who clicked out.

    These measurements will inform your Instagram strategy and let you know the areas you need to fine-tune

    Use the best content

    There is no doubt the high quality and engaging content attract more followers and clicks. Your Instagram story strategy should leverage features such as stickers, polls, and hashtags. The best content will help you reach the 10k mark easily if your account is unverified.

    Post often

    Ideally, the more consistently you post, the more reach and engagement you get. When users watch your Stories often, the brand you are promoting will appear towards the beginning of their Stories feed. But should you take long to post, you risk losing a place in their feed, and with it, your most dedicated viewers and customers

    Key Takeaway

    Instagram Swipe Up feature is an incredible tool for converting your Instagram followers into loyal customers. No matter who your customers are, there is a high chance they are on Instagram, and you should look for ways to engage them. Adding Swipe links to your stories will help drive traffic and sales. 

    The tips we have covered in this piece will help you add Swipe Up links to your Instagram Stories that boost your Instagram marketing efforts. Need help with your Facebook or Instagram marketing strategy? Get in touch with the ATTN Agency for a no-commitment audit of your accounts.

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