2020 – A Year In Review

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    2020 was anything but normal, but for all its craziness this year has proven to be an incredible year for the e-commerce industry.

    The entire year has been framed by the Coronovirus pandemic. It has shaped every aspect of our lives including the way we work, play, and shop; the activities and events we participate in; and how we spend time with the important people in our lives – our family, friends, and coworkers.

    We watched as brick and mortar stores and restaurants faced closure, workforces went remote, unemployment skyrocketed, and uncertainty about each of our futures remained at the forefront of our day to day. But for all of this there were amazing opportunities presented to our industry.

    As consumer behavior shifted from brick and mortar retail to e-commerce, digitally native brands’ footprint grew significantly. It is estimated that in 2020 consumer adoption of online shopping advanced by 2 years, representing annualized growth of over 30%.

    This incredible growth in online commerce has driven growth across the entire ecosystem, including software solutions and service providers. As a result, ATTN Agency has realized explosive growth.

    ATTN Agency Growth in 2020

    Through 2020, in our second year as an agency of service, ATTN Agency realized an unbelievable 207% year-over-year growth. This growth was accomplished by on-boarding several amazing new clients while simultaneously expanding our core service offerings.

    In the first quarter ATTN expanded our core services from PPC management to email and SMS management. This was followed with an expansion into in-house creative services to support our PPC, email, and SMS services in the first part of the third quarter.

    Adapting to Working From Anywhere

    Having an office where we can share ideas seamlessly, laugh together, build relationships, and discuss new opportunities has always been important to ATTN Agency. However, this year put concern for the health and wellbeing of our team above all else. In mid-March we made the difficult decision to move our entire team remote, entering a new “Work From Home/Work From Anywhere” environment.

    Despite our initial hesitations, this shift has presented us with amazing upsides. One of these amazing benefits is that we have been able to quickly expand our team to include amazing and dedicated people outside of our headquarters in San Diego. We have also been able to cut office related costs and reinvest those funds back into our team and our growth.

    Bringing On The Best of the Best

    As a byproduct of our incredible growth, ATTN Agency brought on several new key team members to ATTN. Each new team member has brought incredible energy, enthusiasm, and ideas to ATTN.

    Performance Team Growth

    Matthew Weeks – Campaign Manager (Paid Social)

    Raymond “Danny” Lima – Campaign Manager (Paid SEM)

    Michael Uslan – Account Manager & Coordinator

    Design & Creative Team Growth

    Rocio Alvarez – Senior Design Lead

    Anna Papazian – Creative Designer

    Andrew “Drew” Julsonnet – Creative Designer

    New Partnerships

    Software Partnerships

    Through 2020, ATTN Agency created several new partnerships with software solutions to the benefit of our clients.

    Shopify – As Shopify continues its growth, ATTN Agency saw the need to create a formal partnership with the commerce engine to understand how to help our clients maximize their potential.

    Klaviyo – Klaviyo has become a leader in email, offering unparalleled solutions for email communications. As Klaviyo’s systems continue to improve we feel our clients will benefit more and more from our continued partnership.

    JustUno – JustUno is an on-site communications tool that allows store owners to quickly A/B test pop ups, dynamically change pop-ups based on UTMs, up sell and cross sell customers, and much more. ATTN found that each element JustUno offers has helped our clients improve conversion rates and increase average order values, making them an amazing partner.

    Attentive – Over the past year SMS exploded onto the scene as the new channel on the block and it became critical for ATTN to forge a partnership with a solution that our clients could trust. Attentive’s record for deliverability and responsiveness made them an ideal partner for 2020 and 2021.

    The Story Of A Brand Podcast

    In December of 2020, ATTN Agency proudly announced that it has become the primary sponsor of “The Story of a Brand” podcast, which is hosted by Ramon Vela and produced by CommerceFocused Media.

    Since its launch, “The Story of a Brand” podcast has consistently ranked in the Top 500 of all Business Apple Podcast and Top 300 of Apple Podcast for Entrepreneurship.

    The success of the podcast has led to incredible interviews with guests brands including PAIGE, Sugarfina, Pair of Thieves, Diff Eyewear, HUM Nutrition, The Bouqs, Mighty Audio, Burst Oral Care, Ties.com, Manduka, Tenzo Tea, Lola Getts, and many more.

    Through this partnership with CommerceFocused Media and “The Story of a Brand” podcast, ATTN Agency aims to help brand owners, founders and leaders tell their stories through their own voice.

    The Future of ATTN Agency

    Looking ahead, 2021 is full of opportunity for ATTN Agency.

    We are forecasting aggressive month over month growth as retail continues its shift online and brands seek to explore new channels to battle rising CPMs.

    We continue to look for top talent we can bring on to our team, to help us consistently improve each of our services lines. Through 2021 we anticipate several new hires across all departments, but we also expect that to be very competitive as brands and agencies compete for the best of the best.

    For that reason we are focused on providing competitive salaries and benefits, including profit sharing and commissions; comprehensive health care; paternity and maternity leave; remote team building events; and much more.

    We are exploring new potential service lines, including SEO, organic social management, feed management, and programmatic marketing.

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