ATTN Agency Becomes Primary Sponsor of “The Story of a Brand” Podcast

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    ATTN Agency is proud to announce that it has become the primary sponsor of “The Story of a Brand” podcast, which is hosted by Ramon Vela and produced by CommerceFocused Media.

    “The Story of a Brand” Podcast

    Ramon Vela launched “The Story of a Brand” podcast in 2018 with a singular vision of helping brands convey their origin stories, visions, and missions with his audience. The stories from brand founders, owners, and leaders help shed light on what happens behind the scenes as brands launch and grow. As a result, the show has since become a vehicle to connect and align people with brands through the voice of the founders.

    Leading Podcast for Entrepreneurs

    Since its launch, “The Story of a Brand” podcast has consistently ranked in the Top 500 of all Business Apple Podcast and Top 300 of Apple Podcast for Entrepreneurship.

    The success of the podcast has led to incredible interviews with guests brands including PAIGE, Sugarfina, Pair of Thieves, Diff Eyewear, HUM Nutrition, The Bouqs, Mighty Audio, Burst Oral Care,, Manduka, Tenzo Tea, Lola Getts, and many more.

    Driving Growth for E-Commerce

    ATTN Agency is a performance and growth marketing agency providing digital advertising services to digitally native e-commerce brands and businesses. Those services include PPC management, Email & SMS management, and creative services. ATTN Agency works with fashion and apparel brands, consumer goods, and consumer apps. Clients include Talentless Clothing, HYLETE, Designer Protein, BootayBag, Kicksta, Cinema Secrets, BornXRaised, Good Lovin’ Bar, and many more.

    Through this partnership with CommerceFocused Media and “The Story of a Brand” podcast, ATTN Agency aims to help brand owners, founders and leaders tell their stories through their own voice.

    If you would like to be featured as a guest on “The Story of a Brand” reach out to us at

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